a code newbie´s best friends

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  • Of course, check out the documentation and tutorials on these terrific places. This list wouldn´t have been complete without:
  • Sometimes it´s worth the time to take a step back and try to grasp the bigger picture. This video series on youtube gives a crash course in how computers work, down to the smallest component i.e. logic gates, curcuits and transistors, and at the same time you get a history lesson. It´s quick, fun and entertaining.
  • When it comes to designing your website, selecting a nice color palette at colorhunt.io makes everything so much easier and prettier. This site provides an open collection of carefully curated color palettes with hexcodes, ready to be copy-pasted into your IDE.
  • If you need some help with using flexbox in the design, don´t miss this awesome flexbox cheat sheet. And, it is not just for beginners…
  • To get lots of practice in front-end coding, check out the challenges over at Frontend Mentor. Here you have an opportunity to build real projects and get hands-on training in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Besides fancy CSS and beautiful designs, practicing good old basic programming skills will always pay off. Go to Codewars to challenge yourself and level up.
  • Aim for the stars: for some real inspiration, don´t miss out the crazy amazing web sites nominated for a design award at awwwards.com.⭐




Frontend developer

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Astrid Persson

Astrid Persson

Frontend developer

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